Friday, October 18, 2013

2go Registration And Download On

2go Registration And Download On came up with this article to help my fans download and install 2go with ease and peace of mind.To download 2go without any form of stress or difficulties just follow this guild lines.

After the 2go registration, locate where you stored the 2go mobile chat on your phone then open it and login with the password 2go team sent to your phone during sign up, as the 2go chat will automatically update your phone contacts using the messenger as your 2go friends.

You can likewise link your 2go messenger to your Facebook account, Gtalk etc.  i know 2go because i’m also on  Its a pretty cool application you might want to lay your hands on
For more understand of 2go, I want you to understand that 2go application dose not charge much while chatting. That is with just N1 – N2 credit you can chat and chat. But in case you notice your money is fast going off all you have to do is to log out and exit from 2go then may after 5minutes login back.